Everything to Know About Joshua Hodge’s New National Park Book

My new book is here! What is it about and why should you read it? I want to address this questions and more, so you really know what’s up with this book and why I’m so excited. 

What is this book about?

This book chronicles a month-long adventure of camping and hiking in the U.S. National Parks in the summer of 2017. It features humorous and adventurous accounts, and descriptions, of the natural world, and it explores the inspiration gleaned from such experiences. It also explores the question of, what should be our response to natural beauty and the craftsmanship of God? It is not only an account of the physical adventure, and the things learned along the way, but also a look into my mind and the thoughts I have as a solo adventurer.  

Why did you write this book?

Back in 2016, after another summer of adventure and being so inspired by my experiences,  I started blogging. I realized I had a lot I wanted to share from my past adventure. As a writer, I used to write more fiction, but I realized my real life adventures provide all the engagement and entertainment one seeks in a good story. I came to find an audience online that appreciated and was inspired by my writing. I also had things I learned that I really thought others could benefit from, and not only that, but I wanted to inspire people to get out and come to realizations on their own. I decided to refine and compile what I had written, as well as include additional pieces, to create my book, Canyonlands: My adventures in the National Parks and the beautiful wild. I knew from the very start this would not be a stand-alone work. Still Calm, and Quiet: More Adventures in the National parks and the beautiful wild is the second installment in this series. 

Should I read Canyonlands: My adventures in the National parks and the beautiful wild first?

I would love it if you read Canyonlands, but you don’t have to read it to enjoy Still, Calm, and Quiet. In its intro and opening chapters, Canyonlands gives a little bit more background and provides more of the logistical details of my travels.

Who published this book?

I am my own independent publisher and own all rights to my work. I design and format my publications. By meeting publishing standards, I am able to work with Amazon for printing and distribution. 

How long did it take to write this book?

I began writing this book in 2019, before Canyonlands was published. It has taken me about three years. I had some journal entries and writings written during the 2017 travels that were incorporated into chapters of the book. 

What makes this book unique?

This is very much a variety book. In addition to my adventurous accounts and exposé of inspiration, this book includes two biographical works, a fictional piece, a couple poems, over 100 black and white photos, and dozens of vintage illustrations. It has some great stories of me passing out, encountering a mountain lion, getting caught in a lightning storm, having my camp attacked by squirrels, being stuck in a buffalo jam, getting lost on a mountain, and much more! 

Where can I buy this book?

Currently this book is only available on Amazon and is eligible for regular and Prime 2 day shipping. In a few months it should be available from walmart.com and other online retailers. Buy here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B093RMBNCP

Is this book the same collection of stories found on your blog?

Some of the stories are the same as the ones found on my blog, but they have been refined, reedited, and augmented. A number of them are not and are only found in the context of this book. As one of my blog readers, you will find this new and fresh.

What are the parks featured in this book?

Chiricahua National Monument (AZ)

Fort Davis State Park (TX)

Big Bend National Park (TX)

Rio Grande National Scenic River (TX)

Chamizal National Memorial (TX)

White Sands National Park (NM)

Guadalupe Mountains National Park (TX)

Carlsbad Caverns National Park (NM)

Dinosaur National Monument (UT/CO)

Grand Teton National Park (WY)

Yellowstone National Park (WY/MT)

Bruneau Dunes State Park (ID)

Craters of the Moon National Monument (ID)

Wild Horse State Recreation Area (NV)

Rye Patch State Recreation Area (NV)

Lassen Volcanic National Park (CA)

Shasta State Historic Site (CA)

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area (CA)

John Muir National Historic Site (CA)

Is this book content appropriate for all readers?


What other books have you written?

Wild Christmas (2006)

Dakota Broken (2015)

Among Blue Smoke and Bluegrass (2018) 

Canyonlands: My adventures in the National Parks and the beautiful wild (2019)

Señor Hodge’s Casa de Mascotas (2020)

Theodore Roosevelt for the Holidays: Christmas and Thanksgiving with the Bull Moose (2020)

Buy Still Calm and Quiet here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B093RMBNCP


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