When I am Weary

Inspired by the Psalms, I wrote this:

Praise be to God for he always provides a way

when the world has me trapped.

His wisdom and knowledge is beyond what i can see.

Praise be to God because he’s rich in beauty and complexity.

All his creation bears witness to his power.

The sun shouts- look at his might.

The moon glows- look at his peace.

When the rivers rush and the tides moves,

they call out- look at the life, the movement,

the wonder of our God.

The colors and views are endless,

such is the love you have for your creation.

Man, the most cherished,

you’ve made us in your image

and assigned us purpose for your kingdom,

ambassadors of your truth.

You’ve called us, saved us

and set us apart.

When I am weary, Lord, remind me of these things

so that I can rest in your peace

and cling to your strength.

Hear me, and do not leave me alone.

Tie all these things together for your glory.


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